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Animated storytelling

When you only have still images, you can still tell a story visually with motion graphics. Here is a sample of Animated storytelling.

Plant Something


Sonoran Studios seeks a set, and you could get two trees

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Sonoran Studios is looking for a video location, and the backyard that we use will be the recipient of two new trees, thanks to and the Arizona Nursery Association. In the next few weeks, we will be producing a video on how to plant trees in Arizona. We need a location, and the homeowner who we select will get to keep the 15 gallon and 24″ box tree that we plant – free. We are looking for a person or family that needs these trees. We are looking for someone who some shade will really benefit. Or, someone who needs something nice done for them. To be considered, send an e-mail to, and tell us why we should select your story. Non-profit groups, or people tied to non-profit groups are encouraged to e-mail us. (No calls please)